The English-Polish Computer Aided Translation System

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There is Linux source/executable (~300KB) available. Please keep in mind it is very early development version.

 Requirements & installing

Bikini requires Qt and SQLite libraries. If you want to use an external dictionary you need to download and install Yadict to import the data.

After downloading Bikini, uncompress .bz2 file, change directory to "bikini-dist" and follow the INSTALL file instructions.

 What is it?

Bikini is a frontend to Boogie engine (included in the package). While Boogie maintains all the text-linguistic operations, Bikini is just an editor.

click for bigger picture (~100KB)

Since I nearly started working on this program the list of functions is very short -- just the minimum set.


 What next?

Ehancing the basic editing functions and make Bikini more user-friendly. Searching for similarities in already translated documents, scoring the translations to avoid popular but unproper phrases like ✖ "na tę chwilę" ✖ (when "w tej chwili" should be used) and pointing out overusing the same words in translation.

 Legal notice

Bikini is distributed under GNU General Public License.
All icons come from Crystal set by Everaldo.
The author of the SQLite database is D. Richard Hipp.
Graphical interface is designed in Qt, a library from Trolltech.