The English-Polish Computer Aided Translation System

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OpenSuse version: version 0.3. If this does not work in your Unix system, please let me know -- I will recompile it to suit your needs.

Microsoft Windows version: sorry, it will be never available since Windows does not use any package manager at all.

Requirements: standards (like glibc) plus Boost library.


The creation of Lumberjack was inspired by rpmfoster by Paweł "Miron" Mirończuk. Since rpmfoster was originally written in Perl (I know and use Perl but I am a bit tired of maintaining even my own programs written in Perl) and it was aimed for a bit different purposes that would suite me, I reinvented the wheel for the second time (no, it is not NIH syndrome, I just didn't know about other programs until I almost finished Lumberjack).

 What is it?

It is dependency scanner -- it lets you spot unnecessary packages more easily than using Yast.


Lumberjack does not change anything in your system, the only risk you take is waiting for the results ;-).

If you get some "permission denied" it means that Lumberjack couldn't access some of the files in the system, so you might want to run it as a root. However I advice against it -- there is no real need to do it, readings from regular account are accurate enough to get reliable reports. The basic principle -- if the job can be done as a regular user, do it -- don't overuse root account.

 How to use it?

The most straightforward case:

lumberjack --scan=report.txt

and after some coffeee you can take a look at the "report.txt" file. If additionally you would like to get rid of, for example, vim and its packages:

lumberjack --scan=report.txt --trace="vim"

now it will show you what packages to delete in order to remove vim&relatives.

If you are positive you will always want some packages (like yast, rpm) even if you are not use them too often, edit file "~/.lumberjack/keep" and put there package names you want to keep -- Lumberjack will not list such packages in removal report.