The English-Polish Computer Aided Translation System

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Prosty Agregator Wiadomości

 How to use it?

Just enter the PAW page.

 What is it?

I couldn't get to work with Google News -- I need something way simpler, which gives me just the headlines, no nude images, no modern ad-crap which is ubiquitous on (too) many pages. I just need to just have an idea what is going on around the world, when I am interested I will read more.

PAW scans Niezależna, Nasz Dziennik, Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza, Nowości (from Toruń) and (Der) Dziennik (Polish newspapers).


 Deprecated versions

Originally PAW was JavaScript program, it was easy to use and modify, but the problem was (and still is) many web browsers didn't support fetching data from remote servers (due to security concerns). Only MSIE, Konqueror and Safari worked correctly, and such browsers as Opera, Chrome, Firefox did not.

The next incarnation was PHP version (it was simply rewritten without any structural changes) and put on the server for public usage. But since PHP code is hard to maintain I decided to rewrite, this cleaning up the workflow of the program. If you are for any reason interested in previous versions here are the source codes:

To avoid misusing the scripts by hosting server the extensions are changed to _html and _php, after downloading the scripts correct them (html and php respectively).