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Youtube downloaders for Linux


Bash scripts -- utube from 2008-09-20 and multube from 2008-09-20.

Requirements: KDialog (KDE utility).

 What is it?

utube is Youtube video downloader -- single address (URL), single file. multube on the other hand uses utube to rip entire profile page (for example) -- single address, many files.

 How to use it?

Let's say you like this

video (posted by txchou). The addres is, so you run:

utube ""

This downloads the video with appropriate filename. The file ("Nadal & Tsonga - Forehand Comparison.flv") already exists? You will be warned about it, but if you don' want to overwrite existing file you can save it with another name:

utube "" "Nadal & Tsonga - Forehand Comparison 2"

When you look at the txchou profile page you will see a lot of amazing videos. Why not to download them all? Now multube comes handy:

multube ""

this will download first 20 videos from the first page of user's profile.

 Tricks with utube

You can call utube for short like this:

utube "/watch?v=kNyfckDtRHM"<

and if your link comes from google you can download it indirectly, for example:

utube ""


utube was written by Mr.Paul (script found at Download and watch YouTube videos from Linux shell prompt), only some tweaks are from me -- I wouldn't guess how to hack Youtube video address by myself. "Shell Scripting Recipes" by Chris F.A.Johnson was useful to understand what the hell all those ${x%%x} mean :-) And many thanks to txchou for stunning tennis videos.